1-Minute Core Practice: Sound Meditation with Chime

A great option before homework, this sound meditation serves as the "core practice" in the MindUp curriculum we use at Carden. Listen to the chime for as long as you can until you can no longer hear it.

Mindful Body Scan

The mindful body scan involves mindfully observing what you are experiencing in your body—without trying to change anything. Many find this practice one of their favorites because it is often easier to maintain focus than trying to focus on one's breath, and most of the time it does result in significant physical relaxation. You may find this particularly useful before bed or when your mind is overactive.

2-Minute Beanie Baby Breath Meditation

Beanie baby meditation involves "rocking" a favorite stuffed animal to sleep using your belly. This is a great one for younger children at bedtime or nap time or as a way to slow down at any time of the day. Please have your stuffed animal ready before hitting play.

2-Minute Mindful Breath Meditation

Mindful breath meditation involves observing your breath while quieting your mind. The mind will frequently wander (often several times per second). Each time you notice it has wandered, you simply need to gently refocus yourself, acknowledging that this is what minds do rather than putting oneself down for such a short attention span. Refocusing should always be a moment of kindness towards oneself, and it is also where most of the therapeutic benefits come from. Many people find it helps to use one of these options to maintain focus on the breath:

Silently say, "Peace in (for inhale), peace out (for exhale)" or use a similar mantra.
Silently count each breath up to 10 and then begin again (remember: mindfulness is not a competition sport—no need to keep score).
Putting your hand over your belly and notice it rising and falling.
Noticing the sensations of your breath move in and out as your breathe.
Notice the temperature of the air as you breathe in and out.

3-Minute Compassion Meditation

Kindness, or compassion, meditation is often a favorite for lifting one's mood. This is a guided meditation where we send "well wishes" to various people. Because it is guided, many find it easier to focus for this meditation.
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