Mindfulness at Our School: Create a Cost-Effective Mindfulness Program for Your School

Over the past decade, numerous schools around the world have implemented mindfulness-based programs in school with promising outcomes, including improved scholastic performance, increased prosocial behavior, and reduced stress and anxiety. A new and rapidly expanding evidence base supports these practices. This website is designed to provide free resources to enable preschool through high school students, their families, and schools to learn how to use mindfulness to improve academic performance and reduce stress, enhancing their quality of life for years to come.

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I have been getting better grades on my tests than I did before mindfulness last year.
Carden Student 2017

Why Mindfulness in Schools?

Dr. Diane Gehart explains….

About This Site

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I created this site to help anyone interested in developing school-based mindfulness programs on a budget. As a therapist and professor of family therapy, I had been teaching mindfulness for nearly two decades and wanted my children to learn how to meditate. Obviously, meditating with their friends would be more fun than with their mother at home. So, I volunteered at their school to create a program as my parent contribution. It was more successful than I ever imagined. Kids really get it, and make amazing changes in their lives. I created this website as part of a research project as the Research Fellow for the Michael D. Eisner College of Education at California State University, Northridge for 2017-2018 to enable interested parents and schools to affordably create effective mindfulness programs in their schools.

-Diane R. Gehart, Ph.D., LMFT
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